Miss Interpretation: The Angry Feminist – published in the Hawick News 13/06/2014

[The original article was misprinted, here it is as it should be]   I am a feminist and today I’d like to clarify what that means. First of all I do not hate men. In my life I am surrounded by brilliant, supportive men, some of whom identify themselves as feminists also. A feminist is … Continue reading

Morning time is rubbish.

I am one of those often referred to as ‘not a morning person’. Indeed I am not. Sleeping is cosy, awesome and usually for me, dream-filled so it’s little wonder facing the real world is so unappealing from my duvet cacoon. This year I’ve been trying out techniques to not only improve my quality of … Continue reading

Music fans campaign to keep the Bongo beating [assessment Feb 2012]

Gloomy clouds appear to have gathered over Edinburgh’s club scene as yet another independent venue is threatened with closure. February has been a dreary month with the announcement that popular club Cabaret Voltaire is closing its doors and rebranding. Now the announcement that the Bongo Club may soon join the ever increasing list of alternative … Continue reading

Don’t call me skinny

Recently I met up with a friend who I hadn’t seen for a while and her first comment to me was “Wow! You look so skinny!” The remark came from a good place and was meant as a compliment of course, but it made me feel slightly uneasy. I’ve thought a lot about it since … Continue reading

The miracle of running

Your brain and your body are a package deal, it’s difficult for one to be healthy if the other is suffering. They’re like Brangelina, apart they’re pretty good but together they’re a powerhouse. In fact they’re so interlinked that they too should have their own amalgamated name; they’re no longer your brain and your body, … Continue reading